Esbrew is London's finest nanobrewery (like a microbrewery, but smaller) producing unique and innovative beers from classic ales and porters to spicy coconut wheat beer and lemongrass lager. Our beers contain natural ingredients and are brewed, fermented and bottled on site under the close supervision of two cats. Because we make beer in small batches we have been able to constantly experiment and refine our recipes. We love good beer, we enjoy creating new and interesting ales and we are proud of the results.

Alex Wall


As a baby, Alex was abandoned under a table in a quiet corner of The Marquis of Granby in Harlow, Essex. The landlord at the time was severely short-sighted and Alex was a naturally quiet child, particularly as he was drunk most of the time. He lived under that table for nearly six years existing on beer-dregs and dropped snacks, until a party of social workers came in one night and started asking awkward questions. It is this early experience to which he owes his lifelong devotion to quality ale and his tendency to dive under furniture when startled. He has baffled psychiatrists by going on to lead a normal life and usually being sober enough to go to work.

Favourite Beer so far: Imperial Stout



Esme's origins and early life are shrouded in mystery. Some say she came from the stars. Others say she was grown in a secret experimental laboratory run by the CAMRA's notorious military wing. All we know for sure is that she knows her beer and is living the dream of having a brewery in her front room. Is she truly of this earth? What is her mission here? Would she like another drink? The truth is out there.

Favourite Beer so far: Ginger Citra

Frankie Stein


Coming from humble beginnings on a piece of waste-ground in Stratford, Frankie went on to pursue a glittering academic career, studying Pure Mathematics under Professor Hawkin and completing a doctorate in the Philosophy of Quantum-Linguistics at the Sorbonne. He has travelled extensively in India and the far East, but at present he lives in London divides his time between guest-lecturing at Oxford and chasing bits of fluff.

Favourite Beer so far: Smoke On The Porter

Evie Pumpkin


Evie began her career on the cabaret circuit of the French Riviera. Her amazing singing voice and the ability to get her head into her own crotch quickly attracted the attention of the director of the Kirov Ballet. She toured with the company for six years and was rumoured to be engaged to the head of the KGB when she defected to the West and went on to stardom on London's West End. A dozen years, seven husbands and six out of nine lives gone to catnip-related liver failure later, she decided to retire to a quieter life. She now lives with her more mature brother and two bipeds with no appreciation of musical theatre.

Favourite Beer so far: Last Mango In Paris