A love of both making stuff, and chilli, led to us branching out into the world of chilli sauces and chutneys (usually featuring our homegrown vegetabes, and of course chilli!).  We have been developing the recipe for our special Mango-Chilli for years and although we've got the base finely tuned now, we love experimenting with different varieties of chilli.  We planned to sell these at local events and markets..... Due to the current situation this isn't possible but please do contact us if you're interested in any of our sauces/chutneys and we will see if there's any way to get them to you!  You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram for up to date news @EsbrewBeer

Chilli Mango Sauce


Ingredients: Mango, Chilli, Sugar, Vinegar, Pineapple, Onion, Garlic, Ginger

150ml bottles.


Varieties (we only make small batches, please contact us to see what's available):


Naga Jolakia - Super hot with a sweet start and strong late burn!

Ancho - Medium hot, very fruity, hint of smoke.

Chocolate Habernero - Hot and rich with a smokey background.

Piri Piri - Hot - piquant and fresh.

Lemon Drop - Medium Hot with sweet citrus notes

Trinidad Scorpion - Super hot with burning heat from start to finish.

Chipotle - Medium hot and smoky

Chutneys & Chilli Jams

190ml jars.


We only make small batches depending on seasonal fruit/veg, please contact us to see what's available:


Some of our past offerings have included: Pineapple & Chilli,  Ale! Onion & Roasted Garlic, Yellow Courgette, Butternut & Tamarind, Tomato & Chilli, Green Tomato...